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"Surfing Mo" Framed Tiki 3D Wood Cutout, Acrylic on Wood . Handmade by Kirby. Ready to hang!

Commissions Available!!

Framed size: ~10" x ~10" 

(Size may vary by 1/2"-1" in length or height)

"Surfing Mo" Framed Tiki Wood Carving Acrylic on Wood by Kirby

  • Kirby’s Island Art must be notified within three business days of receipt of item of any damage to the shipping container or its contents. Notification may be by email to You must keep any damaged merchandise in its original box as the shipping carrier may need to inspect the damaged item/s.


All 3D wood cut out/mosaic art pieces are available for order by commission. A 50% deposit is required for art pieces ordered by commission. Commissioned pieces may vary slightly in color, staining, shape, wood, and/or size, from the piece photographed on our website.

Frames are all handmade and are not expected to be exactly the same as the piece photographed on the website.