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Kirby has been creating Tiki art for over 15 years. He is a prolific artist creating original art in the form of Tiki carvings, Tiki pendants, paintings, Tiki mug design, 3D wood wall art, and wood mosaics. Kirby has created logos, artwork, and decor for places such as Hollywood’s and Palm Spring’s Tonga Hut. Kirby is also best known for his art and designs appearing in Disneyland’s Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar, along with many home Tiki bars and private Tiki collections.

Along with being a fixture in the tiki community for over 15 years

Kirby has been featured in the new Tiki cocktail book “Home Bar Guide to Tropical Cocktails”, Tiki magazine, Punch magazine, and newspapers.


Kirby has created Tiki pendants for artists such as Shag, and event Tiki pendants for Taboo, Tiki Treasures and Polynesian Pin-Ups, Tiki Yaki Orchestra, Inside the Desert Oasis Room podcast, and many more. You may have also seen one of Kirby's mugs featured on the news, and music videos such as Weezer music video Take on Me (see 0:54 seconds in! bottom left). 

Most tiki collectors know who Kirby is. For many years he was a fixture of the Tiki community and events, but recently took a nearly 4-year hiatus. However, he is now back with a collection of his tiki, cocktail, and midcentury art.  

Now he is back with a new Tiki collection coming November 15th.

Kirby is the owner of the world-famous home Tiki bar, the Rumpus Room. Which has hosted over 200 weekly Tiki parties over a span of 4 years, visited by hundreds of Tiki enthusiasts.

Kirby is also the owner of the Tiki Dune Bugger!


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